Moore Boxers

USA Made


Moore Boxers – Gentlemen (and ladies who sometimes “borrow” your gentleman’s boxers), there is a day where your coveted underwear will fit so comfortably and so exactly that you’d prefer to take on the day in nothing but boxers, but for the potential citation for public indecency. Well, that day is today, and those underwear are the Pinpoint Boxer Shorts presented to one and all by Moore. ($25.00) Made from 100% cotton oxford shirting fabric cut and sewn here in the United States, the Pinpoint Boxers are available to you in both Light Blue and Pink. Further, the Moore team located in Pittsburg reinforced the comfort agenda by designing the Pinpoint Boxers with a tagless label and a covered elastic waistband, which means from your hips to your tailbone you’ll be basking in an almost unnoticeable touch of undergarment bliss. Oh, and our legal team here at We Shop American has advised us that it’d be wise to note: if you are compelled to go out into the world in nothing but these well-made undies and therefore receive a citation, it is by no means the fault of We Shop American; rather, you can blame the indisputably comfortable, wholly graceful and top-notch construction of the Pinpoint Boxer Shorts.

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