USA Made


Since 1981, MOOTS of Colorado has been hand-crafting beautiful, American-made high-performance frames, intent on delivering a bicycle to go the distance (these are “true lifetime bikes” as advertised). The Mooto X YBB bike (starting at $3495) is their most popular offering, and for great reason. By zeroing in on the often-elusive cross-section of visually pleasing artistic aesthetics and scientific precision, MOOTS had dialed in a brilliant mountain bike over the last 20 years (featuring 29” wheels taboot). These intrepid, lightweight (4.25 lbs for 18” frame) cruisers come in six different stock sizes ranging from 16” to 22” to accommodate a wide range of riders looking for any mix of adventures whether your chosen terrain is off or on road. The process of welding, finishing, polishing and putting the finishing touches (application of the head badge) are all done by hand, ensuring an attention-to-detail you won’t find on any of the bikes the racks at your local Wal-Mart. You can read about their welding process here.

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