Multi-Pocket Jackets – Save Khaki

USA Made


As we all know, James Dean was a hep cat and if he were around today, he’d have undoubtedly updated his classic look to something more modern, yet equally slick. Save Khaki United’s Multi-Pocket Jackets ($240) deliver that kind of hard-to-find swagger you can wear and we think Dean himself would approve of the lived-in comfort and simple, yet subtly rebellious aesthetic. It is unadulterated product designs like this that help lead the pack; there’s little no follow-the-leader copycatter-y going on here. Notable features include an exterior (comes in five available colors including Kale Green, Black, Navy, Tobacco and the standout “Maintenance Green”) that looks like a slightly thicker, more rugged and outdoors-ready button-down replete with an inner-lining fleece. The jacket is 100% American-made and the materials are 100% cotton. New Yorkers can visit Save Khaki’s three brick-and-mortar stores throughout Manhattan or check out their men’s shop online.

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