Natural Soaps – Grassroots Natural Candles

USA Made


We all know that soap is around to keep us clean, but for the folks at Grassroots Natural Candle Company, cleanliness isn’t the only goal with their natural soaps. What’s equally important to them are the composition and ultimate aromatic appeal of the soap, two things that their soap collection hits on point. ($6.00 – $7.75) Founded upon the philosophy of maximum quality and minimal environmental impact, Grassroots has maintained a certain entrepreneurial love for 100% natural ingredients for all of their products, and, for instance, the Sensuous Sandalwood soap bar, with its mesmerizingly woody scent, adheres to and exudes such love. Then there’s the Lemongrass bar, which looks so full of flavor that our first inclination was to take a bite out of it – we (thankfully) withstood that notion, and instead can stand by the sensational feeling of cleansing with its essential lemongrass oils. Seeking some stimulation from your soap? Then check out the Energy soap bar, a blend of citrus, fresh cucumber, jasmine, and even a touch of Champagne, all mingled together for an absolutely refreshing experience. In all, Grassroots offers eleven different soaps (all available in either 3.5 or 4.5 ounce bars), each with distinctively effective ingredients that will have you eager to maintain a special place in your bath or shower for this washy goodness.


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