Navy Split Kurume-Ori Kasuri Scarves – Kiriko Made

USA Made


Tradition may instill itself abstractly in our sense of being, and it may also instill itself tangibly in the products and accessories that help us express who we are. This sort of dual sourcing of tradition is evident in the Navy Split Kurume-Ori Kasuri Scarves by Kiriko ($95.00), which are made from entirely hand-woven materials from the island of Kyushu in Japan. What makes these scarves so special is the history of its creative process, one that utilizes methods that trace back to the 17th century when artisans made their works with great pride and with the intention for resilience. The Boro fabric used in Kiriko’s scarves acts as a reminder of these historical pursuits of quality and purpose, and while Kiriko does obtain sources from Japan, the company has succeeded in impressing these values as vital part of their American craftsmanship.

The Kasuri Scarves are sewn in Portland Oregon with individually dyed threads that provide for unique texturing on both sides of the scarf. The scarves are 72-inches long by 15-inches wide, with an array of white patterns throughout the navy dye, and as you’d expect, each one is handcrafted with the utmost pride in and appreciation for the heritage of this historic fabric.

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