New Balance Custom 574

USA Made


You’ve seen them gracing the sidewalks, the hallways, the everyday routes of life that are most easily taken when wearing a pair of them: we’re talking about New Balance shoes, the brand that’s so comfortable that your eyes soften up when they spot a pair, and more specifically we’re digging the Custom 574’s ($159.95). Ladies and gentlemen, we have the technology. We have a new-age application for a shoe design that has remained at the top of its class since its inception, where the consumer gets to choose the color scheme of their new pair of 574’s with the simple swipe and press of a button. As if buying a pair of these classics wasn’t inviting enough, now you can pick from twenty-three different colors what the saddle of your shoe will be, what the underlay will be, the logo, the sole, etc., etc. Basically, you’re an artist with a blank suede canvas, and yes, you even have the option of signing above the heel.

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