No-Show Socks – TAFT

USA Made


There’s been an unchallenged myth until now that no-show socks aren’t supposed to be fashionable, relegated to bland functionality with no efforts being made to up their allure with added aesthetic appeal. In this category, Taft Clothing’s Dartmouth Pack ($48.00) is a game-changer, offering an array of colorful designs packaged together in four distinct packs (The Dartmouth Pack, The Hampton Pack, The Lawson Pack and The Winston Pack). The diverse pairs come in two varieties (Boucle (Polyester 75% / Spandex 25%) and Cotton (Cotton 75% / Polyester 15% / Spandex 5% / Acrylic 5%)) and were built with an added silicone-patterned heel to give the crucial assurance that these socks won’t slip into the darkness of your loafers or active shoes and bunch up at the heel. The story of how company founder Kory Stevens got into the sock game is a good one, kick-started by random donors earlier this year during a crowdfunding campaign that raised $46,880 in just 35 days.