Northwest Crosses Belts – Stowe Provisions

USA Made


Since 2003, the Austin, TX citizenry of Stowe Provisions have been honing their leather handcrafting skills non-stop, and their products speak to that persistence. The Northwest Crosses Belts ($175.00) are without a doubt a perfect specimen of those time-honored skills, and the reasons are simple: begin with full grain genuine cowhide leather, add some all-natural, eco-friendly tannins to the mix and then finish it off with highly fashionable coolness, and you get a stylish product that will persevere for as long as you can keep the buddy’s/girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s/total stranger’s hands off of it. And you don’t only get a super appealing product in respect to appearance – the Northwest Crosses Belts offer more than what just meets the eye, including a tanning process that does this planet good. All Stowe Provisions belts are tanned with vegetable materials taken from naturally occurring things – like tree bark and plants – and the producers don’t dabble with any of the more harmful chemicals, such as chromium (unlike 80 – 90% of leather good manufacturers). After the belt is tanned with all-natural substances, traditional leather working skills are used to decorate and dye the belt, all of which is done in the Stowe Provisions studio without a single thought of outsourcing (we’ve heard you might even get fired for thinking of such nasty things). In the end, you receive a classic representation of Americana, an unfailing leather belt made with pride and bona fide individuality all for little ole you.

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