Original Stove – Emberlit

USA Made


Weighing in at a barely traceable 11.3 oz (320 g), EmberLit’s Stove “Original” ($44.95) is a proudly American made product that won’t wilt, corrode or rust despite it’s unassuming design and svelte design. In case you’re still unsure, the product designers throw in a lifetime guarantee for good measure. Composed of 304 stainless steel, the Stove packs flat and assembles in just seconds, ensuring easy setup and assembly. Only an intrepid outdoorsmen like the EmberLit’s founder Mikhail Merkurieff could design such a useful stove and since it doesn’t require fuel (wood-burning), making your camping load even lighter than a traditional propane traveler grill. Moreover, the stove is quite sturdy after it’s quickly assembled, a pot of water placed on top iwill remain stable and steady so long as everything is kept on a decently level surface.The EmberLit camping stove enables you to enjoy your wild game, fish, veggies or whatever you capture, wherever you are, in a flash. We think that’s pretty darn nifty.

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