Painted Pony Crib Blankets – Pendleton

USA Made


A baby’s skin is precious. It is fresh and unblemished. We know and treasure every inch of our babies’ skin, and we want to protect and preserve it. This is why we concern ourselves with what we swaddle them in, but the Painted Pony Crib Blankets ($79.50) should satisfy even the most condemnatory of parents. Made by Pendleton Woolen Mill, these beautiful blankets are decorated with a Native American motif, making it both fashionable and authentic. Though made by the hands of modern Americans, Pendleton Mill has been a producing fine, virgin wool products for 150 years. Born in the era of the trans-continental railroad, Pendleton has adopted the expertise of six generations, and has been heavily influenced by the styles of the Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni nations. The Painted Pony Crib Blankets are warm and colorful, and is sure to keep your tiny loved one safe and cozy, so add a bit of culture into your nursery, and swaddle your little one’s skin in soft, American-woven, Pendleton wool.


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