Pebble Earrings – Porcelain & Stone

USA Made


Founded in August of 2012, Porcelain and Stone began its journey in the world of statement jewelry, and the Pebble Earrings will remain as a definite mainstay. ($128.00) Designed with natural, elegant rings of pebbles and lined interiorly with 22k gold highlighting, the Pebble Earrings speak to a universal concept of beauty, that which defines life as something circular and complete. The earrings sway at a 3-inch drop from the lobe on a tidy gold chain, and as a whole the presentation provokes an excitement that will have onlookers appreciating everything from the neckline up. The creative spirit of this style lies in the mind of Porcelain and Stone founder, Kimberly Huestis, who began the company in Boston with the intention to produce handcrafted, minimalistic, and elemental expressions of grace for women to wear and all those who see them to indulge. With hints of nautical inspiration, the Pebble Earrings elicit the imagination’s sentiment for toes in the sand of beaches, for long walks aside a line of whispering coastal waves, and for a recognition of the natural beauty of our national landscapes.

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