Penland School of Crafts

USA Made


If you’ve always seemed to have an itch for garnishing glass or molding metals or whittling whatnots, then you might want to recognize what could be your proverbial “life’s calling.” That’s right, some people are put on this planet to create craftily, and if you’re a part of that destiny then the Penland School of Crafts has a seat waiting for you. (Tuition starting at $541.00) Situated in the awe-striking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Penland School of Crafts had one dedicated goal in mind: to help further the creative energies of American craftsmanship and entrepreneurialism by providing a vast selection of workshops, all of which are based upon a stimulating educational philosophy. As suggested by the very environment that surrounds the school, Penland is a campus for an open-minded indulgence of artistic expression, one that promotes a union of fresh visionary spirits together with long-standing traditions of the crafts. There are a total of 98 workshops every summer, so take this opportunity to soothe your creative itch and broaden your perspective on the timeless values of handicrafts.

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