Raven Kayaks – Eddyline

USA Made


When you hear the open water calling out to you, it would behoove you to respond and to respond properly with the Raven Kayaks by Eddyline. ($2,799.00) As an innovative design established in the 1980’s, the Raven has since kept it’s footing as a leader in the open water sphere of kayaking, thanks to its highly responsive and easily maneuverable functionality. And still to this day anyone with a knowing grasp of the kayaking world call the Raven a classic, especially considering its concept-basis was brought into this world by a fellow whose been building kayaks since the 60’s – that’d be Tom Derrer, the kind of person who’s helped blaze the trails for the rest of the kayaking industry to follow step by step. Beginning near the Flat Irons of Boulder, Colorado back in 1971, then a bit later moving further west for the likes of Seattle, Eddyline has kept its mind eye on helping mold the sport of kayaking into a better, more stable and yet ever adventurous as it can be. So check out the Raven’s sleek dimensions and convince yourself to go beyond the surf.

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