Record Cabinet – Atocha Design

USA Made


There’s a whole lot of great things to say about precision-planed, sultrily stained and sexily grained wooden furniture, and there’s at least as much to say about an ear-watering vinyl record collection. Now, when you put the bases of these artistic cultures together in one highly refined endeavor, you get the Record Cabinet Series by Atocha (Starting at $3,900). Inspired by the mid-century modern vein of furniture design, the team at Atocha has taken a step up in the realm of handcrafted audio presentation/storage by maintaining an articulable style of beauty together with a simultaneous viability of everyday use. Basically, you get a piece of high-scale furnishing that provides quick and easy access to your music collection, which will have all guests in your house jealous of your extremely good taste in both tunes and furniture. And another thing, it’s pretty clear that if you do have a vinyl collection at this point, you’re the type who respects the preservation of your belongings, and that expectation will not be let down by the long-lasting quality build of the Cabinet Series. Each cabinet can be configured in a wide range of wood and hardware, with an option for custom design for your particular desires, and every bit of that configuration will be accomplished right here in the U.S.A.

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