Revolights City V2.0 – Revolights

USA Made


If you’re the type to get from point A to point B by means of a trusty bicycle, then you’ll certainly want to consider this product as a strong investment. Usher in the Revolights City v2.0 lighting system designed by Revolights, the groundbreaking lighting arrangement for your bike that will keep you safe and sightly while riding at night. ($229.00) Recall those times when you’ve been pedaling after sunset and the headlight way up by your handlebars just isn’t illuminating the path brightly enough, and you wouldn’t be surprised if an unexpected pothole puts an end to both your ride and your front tire. Well that is one of the most important aspects of the Revolights City v2.0: since it is attached by a smart LED ring system on the rims of your tires, the illumination casts a further and more immediate distance ahead of you, so your path will more well-lit than it would with a conventional lighting system (you’ll also have an equally as functional brake light happening on your rear wheel). The team at Revolights has thought of pretty much everything (and with collective backgrounds in mechanical engineering, molecular cellular biology, and stellar market strategy, we can’t say we’re surprised), including the City v2.0’s battery rechargeable 8×35-lumen LEDs per wheel, the water and theft-resistant capacities, and the easy to assemble hardware that will have your rpm’s looking like fine 360 degree rhythms of technological beauty. Be sure to check out the Revolights fit chart to confirm compatibility with your ride, then happily apply the revolutionary design.

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