Rolling Homes – Wheelhaus

USA Made


You think you’re familiar with tiny homes? Think again: Luxury Modular Dwellings from Wheelhaus ($82,000 – $96,500) have brought about a new era of mobile homes, an era with loose-footed homeowners and the most respectable aesthetics in mind. Based in the big, wide and beautiful Wyoming, Wheelhaus states its name on living large and living well with less, and their model home concept accomplishes every bit of it, including the ability to allow an owner to transport their living space and set up home utilities in as little as two days. And don’t forget about their spotlight on luxury: blending rustic undertones with strokes of modern design, each home is dang fine looking, energy efficient, and extremely durable. For example, the Rail Car model is a striking bit of cabin making designed with patio space for a bubbly hot tub or your always-trusty BBQ pit, as well as 400 square feet of inside living space to serve as your humble abode while traveling the roads. To sum it up, you can take your pick from six different Wheelhaus designs (or take several picks, if you’re looking to drive your spike into multiple new vacation spots), put the pins in on your road map and get to living the good life.


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