Sailing Ship Kites – Haptic Lab

USA Made


Sailing Ship Kites – Nobody ever said that your kite had to be a thing of the air alone, and that makes us happy because it means the Brooklynites at Haptic Lab’s design studio didn’t have to listen to any lame restrictions of the like when conjuring up with their Sailing Ship Kite. ($48.00) Introductions: air, meet sea, sea, meet air, and both of you get ready for an extremely outgoing, string-and-wind based adventure brought by the hands of whichever sky-skipper might be at the helm of the Sailing Ship. The Haptic Lab small-craft tinkerers collaborated on this project with a group of Balinese artists in order to concoct this particularly fascinating nylon and bamboo specimen, equipped with basic kite twine and easily comprehendible assembly instructions. And by artisans we’re talking the expert artists of the Indonesian island, Bali, which hosts its own annual kite festival, so, yeah, it’s about as specialized of a creative skill set as it gets. Basically, the Sailing Ship Kite is a masterpiece sky-seeker propelled not only by wind but by the dedicated endeavors of Haptic Lab in designing simple, sustainable, and undeniably intriguing crafts for anyone who enjoys letting their more playful imagination set sail.

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