Sam Navy Boots – HELM Boots

USA Made


This country was established upon a foundation built by our forefathers, those captains of industry who with generations of bone-grinding hard work proved that the things of great worth do come from the salt of the earth. It can thus be said – even without a laugh – that these men could’ve well been born with working boots on their feet, ready from the womb to mold the American Dream, and it is this idea that serves as a basis for the creation of the Sam Navy Boots by Helm Boots. ($399.00) Constructed in Maine with a mind for first-rate product quality, the Sam Navy Boots are composed of outstanding Horween leather, along with a Martexin canvas panel and an Australian-style toe box for total comfort. And while you can get all sorts of work done in this fine piece of cobbling, the Sam Navy Boots style allows you to achieve all-out versatility – you won’t hesitate to don this dignified pair when dressing up for formals or when dressing down for play. Designed in Austin, Texas, constructed in Maine, and sourced from places such as Chicago and Jersey, all boots made by Helm are truly products of this country’s intertwined quilt of continuing accomplishment, that network of success and dedication that has echoed for centuries and will echo for centuries more.

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