Sawtooth Tents – Kifaru

USA Made


When exploring deep stretches of the wilderness for a few nights or weeks, you’re definitely going to want a (1) sturdy (2) lightweight/portable and (3) sizable tent. Kifaru’s Sawtooth Tents ($797) go above-and-beyond satisfying all these must-have attributes and more. The Sawtooth can withstand sustained winds of 50 mph and gusts of 70 mph, weighs in at a mere 4.5 lbs (meaning you’ll barely notice them in your pack) and are roomy enough for a 6’6” human (or yeti) to stand straight up in. The tents are large enough for two people and their accompanying gear, and cover around 13-14’ of ground space. The experienced mountain men who started Kifaru hail from Colorado and have been making “torture tested” gear for well over three decades helping to ensure that this particular item provides value and longevity. The gear Kifaru develops and produces certainly isn’t cheap, but an item like the Sawtooth Tent will certainly pay dividends as a sturdy and reliable long-term investment in your future camping excursions. Finally, if you want some tips on anything from Solitaire to “Using Your Pack as a Shooting Aid”, don’t forget to visit Kifaru’s Essays page.

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