Screwdriver Sets – Kaufmann Mercantile

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Sure, it’s admittedly difficult to take an ancient tool and really make it better, but, even considering the passing of eras since the screwdriver came about, Kaufmann Mercantile has managed to write a new line into the tool shed’s history book with their Wood Handled Screwdriver Sets. ($64.95) The earliest screwdrivers date back to the 15th century, when knights and other champions needed a proper way to pin down their armor, lest they be shown a pretty gory worldly exit. Thankfully we don’t have to joust that way any more, but that doesn’t mean Kaufmann didn’t look towards the inspiration of weaponry in providing this set of 8 armor-plated instruments. As for a few details, this model of screwdriver has its roots in the 1940’s, when such specific shaft designs were utilized to service hunting weapons, and they’ve since evolved into the square-shank screwdriver shaft you see here, forged and treated in Massachusetts, with a corrosion-defending black oxide finish and connected to the wooden handle with a durable nickel coated ferrule, which is sure to maintain connectivity throughout the tool’s lifetime. The handle itself is hand carved in Maine with carefully selected hardwood, which is then coated in order to provide a strong, easily held grip. In total, the set – hand assembled in Michigan – includes 8 screwdrivers, both a Phillips head and a flat head each at four different lengths (8 inches, 7.5 inches, 5.5 inches, and 4.25 inches).

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