Sheridan Tent – Teepees

USA Made


I’ve built my fair share of tents, forts, and tree houses, as anyone with a youthful spirit will do so long as that youthful spirit remains intact. As a matter of fact, I had a yearning to build one just last week, and I’m nearly 30 years old. Thankfully, Sheridan Tent and Awning Company has a similar spirit when it comes to its creativity, and as a result all I could ever need to fulfill my adventuring frame of mind is their Canvas Cowboy Range Tee Pee. ($450.00 – $800.00) The Teepees construct are native to America, that’s simple enough, but what reinforces the American aspect of this particular product is the degree of quality that goes into making it. To be more specific, I mean the quintessential roughneck type of mentality that makes a true mountain-goer tick, and this is the mentality upon which Sheridan creates its Range Tee Pee. In the outdoors, quality is proportionate to durability, and Sheridan canvas has proven itself in this regard since 1909, when a canvas tent or tee pee was all that kept a fella from the wrath of earthly elements. And guess what, the same canvas is right here to keep you just as protected, and with the Canvas Cowboy Range Tee Pee, you’ll get a canvas floor, screen window with a canvas flap, brass zippers, stakes, rope and a tent bag – basically everything you need to be a happy camper.


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