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On October 25th, in Frederick, MD, Citizen Frederick is presenting the Blue Ridge Market. This gathering of American makers not only offers a marketplace for people to buy USA Made goods, but to also meet the makers that bring these products to life.  In hopes to know more about the companies before the show, we were able to ask them a set of questions. In this spotlight, Gitli Goods offered their answers – here’s what they had to say:


1. Briefly tell me what your company does and why you chose to focus on making your product(s) in America.

Gitli Goods is a line of quality canine accessories influenced by our love of Southwestern design and vintage Americana. We believe in making long lasting, quality products that improve with age and wear. Things that will become a reflection of the life that you lead along side your best friend. We chose to make our products here in the US because we are able to support and work with craftsmen who have spent their lives refining their craft. It is their heritage. Their skill and passion drives us as we strive to create and develop our brand.


2. From raw materials to packaging & shipping, what problems have you faced by trying to produce a product that’s 100% USA Made?

The challenge producing goods here in the USA is being able to find the right balance between quality and price. We are dedicated to using the best materials available, working with the most skilled craftsmen and delivering to our customers in a very timely manner. All at a price that we believe is competitive and affordable. Our goods are meant to improve over time and last. We stand behind the quality of everything that we make. You can certainly buy a less expensive collar, leash or bed elsewhere but it has been said, that “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. For us those are words to live by.


3. What support have you seen (from the community to other businesses) that’s made your business successful?

We have had a great deal of support from the American made community, fellow animal lovers and great small businesses such as Citizen Frederick. Being able to get to know other like-minded brands and makers is inspiring and very educational. We have also participated in two Northern Grade markets/ Nashville this past Spring and LA just recently. The feedback that we are able to takeaway from these events is priceless.


4. What has been your biggest challenge so far in bringing your business to where it is today?

Marketing. We are an e-commerce business with a limited budget. Being able to reach our target market organically takes time. We are testing out different approaches this Fall to see what may be beneficial and what may not be the right fit.


5. What has been the best channels to promote your product(s)? (social, press, ads, giveaways, actual word of mouth, event shows, selling to boutiques)?

When you are a small, self funded business, there isn’t a lot of money available for big advertising. In the beginning we reached out to various bloggers and press to introduce our brand and ourselves and in turn had some excellent coverage. Our Facebook page and Instagram have also been a great way for people to get to know us and what we are about. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Our customers are also great about spreading the word and promoting Gitli. Our favorite way to promote our product is face to face with our
potential clients at pop ups and various markets. We showed at Northern Grade in Nashville this past May and Northern Grade in L.A. this fall. We also did a pop up at Citizen Frederick in early September, which was great. Frederick is both small business and dog friendly which is a great combination for us.


6. Do you feel this show will be successful for you? How so?

This show is close to home and features some of the best makers in the area. Plus, we have some amazing people and brands supporting us. It’s an evening of bonfires, bevies and bonding. Sounds like a success to me!



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