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On October 25th, in Frederick, MD, Citizen Frederick is presenting the Blue Ridge Market. This gathering of American makers not only offers a marketplace for people to buy USA Made goods, but to also meet the makers that bring these products to life.  In hopes to know more about the companies before the show, we were able to ask them a set of questions. In this spotlight, Maven Beauty Bar offered their answers – here’s what they had to say:


1. Briefly tell me what your company does and why you chose to focus on making your product(s) in America.

We’re a beauty bar featuring eco-chic niche skincare and make up brands, most of which are made in America.  We feel supporting American made products is incredibly important and helps our local economy and our country thrive.  Supporting fellow small businesses injects life and energy into our cities!


2. What support have you seen (from the community to other businesses) that’s made your business successful?

Other shop owners and their employees have been incredibly supportive of spreading the word to their own customers and also partnering with us for local events.  Those two things coupled together have given us a great amount of exposure and in turn built our clientele.


3. What has been your biggest challenge so far in bringing your business to where it is today?

We’ve gone through a huge amount of growth in the past two years, moving locations twice in order to expand.  Every business goes through growing pains and our biggest challenge has been editing the brands and products that work for us and creating the right mix.


4. What has been the best channels to promote your product(s)? (social, press, ads, giveaways, actual word of mouth, event shows, selling to boutiques)?

Social media, Instagram in particular, has made a huge impact on our business by creating buzz and generating word of mouth marketing.  We’re able to feature products and events and direct customers to our website where they can shop all our brands.


5. Is there a void right now that could help better promote companies like yourself?

We would love to see a bigger emphasis on shopping local and shopping small businesses.  Events like American Express’ small business Saturday during Black Friday weekend creates a great awareness and I’d like to see more of these initiatives happen nationwide.


6. Do you feel this show will be successful for you? How so?

Definitely!  Servicing a customer with a discerning taste level is what we do best and what better way to reach out to them but through an event at Volt.  We’re excited to be partnering with them and The Blue Ridge Market and we’re looking forward to spreading the word and gaining more exposure in our community and beyond through the event specifically but also social media.

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