Skateboards – Salt Surf

USA Made


Walnut is known for its lightweight durability, and as such it’s the perfect kind of material that the Roadrunner would use if he decided to build an underfoot cruiser. Then again, he wouldn’t have to do any of the building, because Salt Surf has already created their super fine Skateboard line. ($220.00) Salt might have its company face in New York City, but this little full-swing cruiser has been inspired and shaped by the salty breezes of California, where owner Nabil Samadani has his native roots. So hey, no matter where you are, and no matter what the weather might be, whenever you’re riding a Salt Skateboard you can smile and imagine yourself amidst the comforting California sun (although not listed in the product specs, the Cali sun is an integral ingredient to the board). Made from 100% walnut veneer on top and bottom and encased layers of maple veneer within, the workability of this Skateboard under your toes and heel is as smooth as it gets. And as a favorable punctuation to the design, the Skateboard features a slight kick in the tail for added control. Also, the board comes completely dressed and ready to ride, so now the only difficult choice when it comes to buying your next skateboard is deciding which tailpiece color to choose from (mint, mustard, or pigeon grey).

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