Skinny Ties – Pocket Square Clothing

USA Made


Many occasions call for a suit and tie. Unfortunately, there are too few ways to be creative with this classic combo. If you want to stand out in the crowd, why not try the Skinny Ties ($50-$75) by Pocket Square Clothing? I know what you’re thinking. Something to the tune of “No way! That this look is too daring, too tragically chic!” But those silly concerns will be quieted tout suite once you’ve reveled in the jealous glances of the other suit-and-tiers. Not to mention the dates that don their elbows. With this hand-stitched, American-made tie, you will establish yourself as one of the enlightened, one of those Don Draper-esque gentlemen that manages to look stylish, reputable, and unique without breaking the bank. So, take a chance with Pocket Square Clothing, and see how quickly your friends follow suit. Pun intended.

$50-$75 Buy Filed in: Accessories, Men