Slim Straight Jeans – Traveller Denim

USA Made


Sometimes the best ideas arise when one has had several of his or her choice cocktails, when the juices get to flowin and the creative energies unfold. Unfortunately, these are the same ideas that don’t often come to fruition (because, you know, the drinking thing), but such was not the case when Traveller Denim Company founders Selenia Rios and Erik Untersee hatched the plan to create a brand that ridded itself of the typical disposable denim products overflowing the American shelves these days. You see, these two followed up on their booze-whipped ideas and in turn developed their quality-abiding products, such as the Slim Straight Jeans. ($225.00) Discontent is the kind of thing that generally breeds the proverbial change, and whether you even know it or not, the jeans you have now probably won’t match up to the quality and design of these Slim Straights, which means you ought to make that change in order to welcome yourself to a new world of denim contentedness. What you get is a pair of handcrafted jeans made in Austin, using only vintage industrial machines and the finest Japanese and Cone Mills selvedge available on the market. What exactly does this mean? It means simple yet virtuously unparalleled eminence of the world of Americana denim, made by a highly dedicated pair of hands for you and you alone.

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