Slip Wallets – Rusty Butcher

USA Made


We would understand that if you heard the radical brand name Rusty Butcher, you might get some crazy ideas and begin to question their products, or even shy away from them. However, let us assure you that their Card Slip Wallets ($39.99) have made us well aware that Rusty Butcher is definitely a set of legs that you’d like to look at. Setting sail in the leather goods business back in 2012, this gang of Cali-bred crafters has continued to take on the tide by creating an array of products made from truly high line leather, including their series of card slip wallets. Lightweight, durable, and easily fit into whatever space you have reserved for wallet keeping, these slim sheaths will make your life simpler and more attractive. If it’s the basic, sleek sort of style that you’re in to, you might want to dig the Card Slip Brown or Black. Then again, if you’re looking for something that flashes a little more flare, you could go with one of the Turquoise, Vintage, or Wedding Bells editions. And, if you do go with the Wedding Bells edition in particular, you’ll receive a hand-written note of gratitude for helping make the artist’s nuptials actually come true. Honestly, who else out there gets so in touch and in tune with their consumers? Nobody that we can think of, which is why Rusty Butcher products come with our highest of recommendations.

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