Small Darts – Fredericks & Mae

USA Made


The game of darts is rooted in an ancient aspect of battle, wherein some warriors were trained with unbelievable precision to throw small, lethal pointed tips at the enemy. Nowadays, the game is pretty much detached from its more sinister origins (notwithstanding any unintentional incidents in a bar, say, after a few pitchers amongst buddies), and the team at Fredericks & Mae have dropped in with their playfully unique Small Dart Collection in order to make the game a little more enjoyable. ($44.00 each) Sold either individually or in discounted sets of 3 – 4, the Small Dart Collection is comprised of a dozen different stylized 5.25” darts for your traditional dart game, each one designed with a different array of patterns, colors, thread and fletchings, and each dart unmistakably pleasant in its matchless appearance. Sprung to life by the creative energies of Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen, the Small Darts are just one example of this duo’s real excitement for artistically eccentric objects for the home, garden, and sky, which also includes the colorful silk-screen cork Dartboard, a piece that’d go just splendidly with your choice of Small Darts

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