SMOKE perfume candles

USA Made


Some things have a natural ability to enhance the atmosphere of a room, and such a thing that comes most immediately to mind is a fragrant, well-balanced wax candle. I mean, candles have been around for centuries, so perfection in the process of candle-making has been well on its way, and thanks to Nola-based Smoke Perfume, it has pretty much arrived with the Smoke Perfume Candles. ($40.00) With its roots in Smoke Perfume’s original vetiver-based scent, the Candle delivers with a dry, woody aroma, one that brings subtle earthiness along with what you might think of as an amber, leathery goodness. Think of the smell this way: your in a leather armchair reading Robert Frost while listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald next to a fire that whispers secrets of The Giving Tree. That’s pure heavenliness right there. And if that sort of feeling isn’t good enough (we can’t imagine that it’s not), the fact that the Smoke Perfume Candle is made with pure essential oils and wax which contain no abrasive chemicals should put this candle ahead of any other in the “Thank Goodness For This Creation” record book.

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