Sock Collection – JL The Brand

USA Made


Atlanta’s JL The Brand rolled out their initial Collection late last year and these’ll knock your…socks…on. But seriously, We can vouch for JL and assure you haven’t felt the maximal comfort provided by a truly perfect-fitting sock like this before. JL’s design focus pairs high quality Pima cotton (to ensure long-lasting durability) with simple, yet bold iconography (from a four-leaf clover to the aforementioned lightning bolt patterned over standout colors). While you may look all business at first glance in mundane everyday business attire, a slight reveal of one of JL’s sharp, bold designs will draw attentive glances and say something about the wearer – they’re reflexive of a tasteful approach to one’s appearance and suggestive of a vibrant personality. Forrest Gump’s abundantly wise momma always said “you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes” (i.e. “where they’ve been”). With a look at a slick pair of socks, perhaps it’s more of “where they’re going” consideration. For those looking to take their sock game to 100 (insert emoji here) in 2015, The JL Sock Collection is a great jumping off point.

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