Solid Brass Edition Wallets – Machine Era Co.

USA Made


Machine Era Co. is an American company with one overarching goal: doing good work, plain and simple. The Solid Brass Edition Wallets ($48) are “designed and machined in the U.S.A.” and is about as functional and pragmatic as an everyday item gets, without losing the ever-important “cool” factor. Weighing in at a sturdy 3.9 oz and boasting a sleek and barely noticeable (no more George Costanza situations with a fat wallet) design, this everyday carry is both totally attention-grabbing when flashed in public and nearly entirely inconspicuous in a front or back pocket. The wallet’s surface is filed down to a tolerance of +/- five thousandths of an inch, further evidencing the company’s markedly nuanced process of design and manufacturing. The wallets hold two to six cards with a simple elastic band with dimensions of 3.65″ x 2.48″ x 0.25.” Simple, yet overflowing with natural, old school allure, Machine Era Co. has filed their process down to near perfection with this product.

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