Speed bag – Killspencer

USA Made


Whether it’s for sport, exercise, or opting for something besides a plain old stress ball, the Speed Bag Boxing Kit by Killspencer is as well made and worthy as a punching bag can set-up get. ($1,245.00) Based in Los Angeles, Killspencer is captained by Spencer Nikosey, an industrial designer with peak performance and quality at the core of his crafty labors and a fellow who’s career in pleasing consumers has a basis in his own self-competition. Basically, he likes to show himself up, and that’s a definite positive for those of us who like our products in tip-top shape. This time he’s done it with the Speed Bag Boxing Kit, a tightly engineered apparatus made with a welded steel pyramid frame, a powder-coated walnut ply disc, a first-rate steel swivel, and a long-lasting black leather speed bag, all of which is designed to meet the standards of the world’s highest class of athletes. So if it’s getting into shape you’re into, this is the match you’re looking for, because no matter how long and hard you try, the Speed Bag Boxing Kit ain’t ever going down for the count.

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