Square Frames – Saw & Mitre

USA Made


When it comes to art, keeping things within the “box” isn’t generally idealized, but an exception lies in the presentation of certain still artwork, and the 10” x 10” Square Frame by the Virginians at Saw & Mitre Frame Company ($225.00) brings out more life in a single square shape than you might accomplish with an entire gallery. Saw & Mitre frames are provided for the artist by an artist, founder David Rathbone, whose passion for photography drove him to deepen the power of presentation while simultaneously delivering an unbeatable picture frame quality. This is accomplished by curating the finest American hardwood along with museum-grade matting materials for each and every frame, all hand-made by expert craftsmen and women right in the U.S. With the 10” x 10” frame, the result is perfect symmetry and elegance, an actual performance given by a single entity comprised of both photograph and frame. And another important note: unlike most store-bought frames, these frames are made for ensured durability and long-abiding effect, so take your pick from dark brown walnut, or black, white, or honey maple, and create the setting your artwork deserves.

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