Square Shirts – Youngblood Supply Co.

USA Made


A versatile wardrobe is vital to a man-about-town’s success and having apparel you can wear to both the tavern and the boardroom is undoubtedly a superb start. Youngblood Supply Co.’s SQUARE (Price: Make-Your-Own-Offer) shirts collection is a range of classic oxford button-down shirt in various colors. Accentuations and design flourishes like the single svelte chest pocket and standalone scarlet button are upgrades from the norm helping to add to the overall jollification one feels when wearing such a slick shirt. Ideal for dressing up with slacks or down with a fresh pair of jeans, the slim-fitting SQUARE shirt was made in Los Angeles using imported, pre-shrunk and washed fabric from Japan. Youngblood’s operating mantra is to make “hand crafted goods for the industrious” and, to deliver on this promise, they vow to never take shortcuts and only produce high-endurance clothing. Upon further review, it looks as though Youngblood stays true to their word.

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