Sureshot Slingshots – Wandawega

USA Made

Sureshot Slingshots – Wandawega: Tap into your inner Bart Simpson with Wandawega’s classic Sureshot slingshots ($15), an adaptation on the classic playtime weapon-of-choice replete with a wooden handle, natural latex band and leather projectile pouch. This doodad has the potential to tap into an ephemeral and truly gripping walk down memory lane to a simpler time when life’s challenges were centered in the tree fort rather than the boardroom. Hailing from Minneapolis and inspired by the dreams and vestiges of summer camp livin’, the Wandawega camp store is a living sepia-toned shop that could exist in Wes Anderson’s next youth-inspired film. Camp Wandawega itself sits on an idyllic lake in Wisconsin and the entire online store is an adventure and nostalgia-seeker’s dream worth perusing. The Sureshot slingshots are a dogged curiosity channeling the boy scout in all of us and younguns just need to make sure to wear eye protection and use with adult supervision when zeroing in on their next target. A simple and useful gift like this has parent of the year potential written all over it.

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