Surfboards – Hyde

USA Made


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It’s always a most phenomenal thing to watch that perfect A-frame wave break with your best bud cruising in the barrel, his or her face explicit with adrenaline-pumped joy, enraptured with total surfing bliss. Wait, strike that… that isn’t the most phenomenal thing, not at all – the most phenomenal thing is when YOU are cruising that A-frame like a champion atop your most refined surfboard by Hyde ($2,250 – $5,000.00), provider of the slickest and cleanest carve-machines on the market. You might automatically think that a surfboard manufacturer belongs on the West Coast, but that presumption would be incorrect. Hyde bases its magical board making concepts in Pennsylvania, where it takes on the fundamental pieces of water action sports. Take a peak, for instance, at the 5-10 Pocket Rocket Fish, a short board with a paraphyletic quality that’ll have you wondering if you’re charging your waves on a board or an actual, really human-friendly fish. Then there’s the 5-11 Hydro, perfect for speed, control, and drive throughout anything the coast might throw your way. Follow that board up with the 5-2 Kick, the 5-8 Trestles, the 6-0 RT, the 6-2 Mad Hull, or any of the other Hyde boards that will set you apart from the barneys and thrust your carving to the next level.

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