Tchoup Industries Roulez Backpack

USA Made


You’re a voyager, you’re loose-footed, you’ve got places to be and you’ve got things to bring with you. These things, they could be books, documents, jewels, shrunken heads – it doesn’t matter what they are, because the outfit at Tchoup Industries has designed a beautiful rucksack in the Roulez Backpack that will haul plenty of your goods with stylish ease. ($250.00) Made in New Orleans (i.e., the American heart of eccentricity) with mostly Louisiana-based materials, the Roulez Pack is designed with plenty of globe-trotting wearers in mind. First of all, it’s composed of a wax cotton canvas, repurposed wool and premium leather, so this backpack will fight the fury of the lands as long as your feet are willing to do the same. As for comfort, the straps are double-padded and the backside of the pack is cushioned as well, so you can count on a friendly piggy-backer to help in your gallivanting around. Lastly, the engineers of the Roulez have topped this item off with a little piece of brilliance: a built-in stainless steel bottle opener attached to the heavy-duty nylon strapping. I mean, shucks, who doesn’t like to sip colas or other happy brews whilst traversing the days? Right, so sign yourself up for this delightful, all-American made feature and get to carrying.

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