Teepee Socks – Wigwam

USA Made


Those little piggies attached to the end of your feet definitely need to be kept warm and odor-free, so go ahead and set them up right with the subtly animated Teepee Socks by Wigwam. ($18.00) Made from a finely tuned blend of Merino wool, nylon and spandex, the Teepee socks offers comfort, insulation and a perfect amount of insulation for all your earth-wandering needs. And Wigwam doesn’t stop at the quality of its socks. This company is about as morally adept as it gets when it comes to the proliferation of American made products, as it regularly lobbies for DC officials to protect the nation’s conscientious manufacturers while simultaneously spreading some global-economy love. For Wigwam, hard work and the resulting quality of their products matter more than any bottom-line profit agenda, so hop on that support train with seamless ease in your sweet new socks.

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