Terrestrial Planter – Unurth

USA Made


Earthbound by name and cosmic by design, the Unurth Terrestrial Planter ($80) is a wanderlust-inducing and eye-catching piece. Perfect as a hanger in the kitchen or enclosed porch, the Planter is ideal as a container for flora, ferns or fruit and each piece is cast, meaning you can expect subtle variations in the finish of each product. Because of the custom nature and care that goes into the production of each Planter, allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery. Believing wholeheartedly that there is “magic in the tiniest of details”, Unurth’s founder and designer Jenn Romero molds each product with tender loving care in her California shop, ensuring both consistency and originality from piece to piece. Also, be sure to peruse the company’s whimsical shop filled with ceramics like a clam-shaped bird feeder, slug-shaped bookends, a Spirit Cup and a Barnacle planter. Full of imagination, Unurth Homes planter inspires and intrigues.

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