The Mason Shaker

USA Made


There truly is no place like home, and when it comes to the shake-and-mingle spirit of smooth cocktail mixing, this country’s home for tasty aperitifs is the south. The thought-brigade over at the company was well aware of this notion when they introduced the The Mason Shaker ($29.00), a device where southern iconicity meets the clever sense of practicality for cooling your favorite cocktail. With this indisputably cool shaker, you get a 100% American-made addition to your wet bar that’s made with a stainless steel strainer and an old-fashioned mason jar. To put everything into perspective, the classic touch of adding a mason jar to the practice of mixing cocktails to a most delectable temperature and blend can only suggest one thing: slow down, shake up, sip in and enjoy the momentous tidings of this little ole life. Basically, southern style is defined by the idea of relaxing, and that is the entire point of a good drink, so when it comes to using the Mason Shaker, you don’t need any written instructions – all you gotta do is pick your liquid-treat, toss in some ice and whatever else might suit your taste buds, and then cozily unwind.

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