Throne Watches

USA Made


There’s probably an old dusty face of some vintage watch stuck in a box somewhere in the depths of your neighboring hoarder’s linens-closet, stuck there in the darkness like a pitiless castaway. Little does that little ticking fellow know, but it’s time for vintage redemption, delivered to us watch-wearers by Brooklyn-based Throne Watches. ($150.00) The idea is simple: rescue lonely pieces from US vintage shops and primarily US online bids, send them through a masterful refurbishing process by the ladies and gents at Throne Watches, and then attach them to a locally-sourced, all-American leather strap. The result? A ‘green’ company issuing wristwatch resurrection adorned in a handily handsome physique.  With your choice of gold or silver metallics, the timepiece will stylize your wrist for countless ticks and tocks to come, but you’d better grab one quick before the linens-closets are overrun and these classic gems are all served up.

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