Tradlands Shirts

USA Made


Guess what, you’ve got the only beautiful body that you’re going to be getting in this dizzying world, so you might as well treat it to some of the most high quality and aesthetically cool outwear you can get your hands on, and the womens-wear shirt collection from Tradlands will definitely do the body good. ($147.00 – $167.00) Created by two folks from a couple very different parts of the country (Sadie from Rhode Island and Jeremy from Iowa), Tradlands was, in a metaphorical sense, sewn together as a company to provide classic, comfy, and guaranteed durable styles for the woman who finds herself in the men’s section wishing the shirts would work for her. Each tailored shirt is sewn in small batches in the U.S., in employee-friendly atmospheres, which is an aspect of the company that allows for the special ingredient for their products: love. What else makes these shirts special? Let’s take a look at the Robie, the polka dot design that, thanks to a mightily tasteful creation scheme, actually works (admit it, polka dots can do more damage than good, sometimes), made with 100% mid-weight, premium cotton and extra thick pearlized buttons. Then there’s the Cambridge, a collaboration between Tradlands and Lizzie Garrett Mettler (fashion icon), a half way button down which has been heralded as getting better with every wash and wear. And that’s the general response from ladies who’ve purchased any one of these shirts – they become attached, in that way that makes you almost start grieving when you think about losing or outgrowing the shirt. But, don’t be sad! Be happy, and let the Tradlands collection help!

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