Trail Hammocks – Bush Smarts

USA Made


Even if you haven’t realized it yet, there’s at least a little bit of John Muir in your soul just aching to explore, just yearning to shed the confines of that brick and mortar and become one with the great outdoors. Thankfully, once you get out into the wild you won’t be left without a viable sleeping option because the craftsmen at Bush Smarts have developed the upscale Trail Hammocks ($225.00), a hanging sleep-spot designed to keep your buns off the ground and your sweet dreams a swayin. One special thing about this particular hanging hammock is the four-point design, which prevents the breathable ripstop nylon material from caving in at the axis and cramping you up in your sleep. As a result, you get room to spread your limbs after a long day’s hike. Also, the Trail Hammocks have a full zip entry that allows you to enter through the bug-netting from either side of the hammock, which will come in handy if you’ve got an agro-crag cliff for a roommate (we personally reserve this set-up for the more adventurous and/or crazy explorers). Made with a non-stretch contruction, including two climbing grade carabineers, a stabilizing center line, hi-viz reflective stretch cording, and a stuff sack for easy transport, this Bush Smarts product provides maximum comfort as well as maximum convenience and durability.

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