Traveler Mugs – Go Forth Goods

USA Made


Every now and then, there’s a product that is so simple, so clean and well made, that you wonder why you didn’t come up with the idea on your own. Go Forth Goods provides this sort of product on a regular basis, and a perfect example is their Traveler Mugs ($25). By cleverly wrapping American wrought leather around a Mason jar, Go Forth Goods created an insulated mug that will contain hot or cold liquids without giving discomfort to the carrier. The vegetable-tanned leather cuff comes in five “signature” colors, so you can mix and match, and the integrated sling handle, in collaboration with the screw top, makes it easy to transport your hot coffee or iced tea without spillage. Aside from functionality, this mug is just handsome. Out of the norm and quite chic, you will have every other sipper scratching their heads at the simplicity, and mean mugging at your unparalleled style.

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