Turntables – U-Turn Audio

USA Made


Audiophile quality is one of those terms that, when you see is splashed on audio equipment descriptions, inherently suggests high cost, but some of the good music folk out there want to provide that quality at an affordable price, which is what U-Turn Audio does with their Orbit Turntables. ($ 179.00 – 299.00) Let all of us record spinners give thanks for the niche of the music industry that refuses to go away, the sacrosanct world of vinyl. Even in the age of the click-a-button-buy-a-song mentality, U-Turn Audio stands (spins?) firm in the realm of what is arguably a more organic listening experience, and with the analog-based Orbit Basic and Orbit Plus in their stock stable, they’ve proven that they don’t intend to abort their musical mission anytime soon. Made with a combination of genius and love in the little ole town of Boston, the Orbit series focuses on warm sounds, convenient use, and hardcore quality control (each turntable is given a thorough inspection before being shipped to you). The result is as tasty to your ear tongues as it can get, so just imagine those first few moments when the needle lands onto the vinyl, that whisper from the speakers that you’re about to have a jolly good listen.

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