Ultimate Gym Bags – Defy Bags

USA Made


Defy Bags rumbles to the beat of a very particular type of drum, you might call it a rapturous war drum, one that carries with its sound the airs of both defiance and triumph. This sound is the chorus of a regenerative age of American industry, and The Ultimate Gym Bags are a perfect product of that mantra. ($110.00 – $145.00) Getting to the grit of things, Defy Bags lives by a simplistic code of manufacturing existence: “defy or die.” Clearly, then, there aren’t many options for these guys, and one of those options certainly seems more favorable. Because of that, and because the teamsters at Defy Bags genuinely love their work, their products meet the high water mark for American-made quality. Take for example the 22 oz. M35 Military Truck Tarp Edition of The Ultimate Gym Bags, a lightweight, heavy-duty tarpaulin bag made from the same material that protects the U.S. Military today, yet one that, due to the design whizzes at Defy Bags, is an incredibly easy-to-carry sack for all of your gym needs (also available in Camouflage, made from the super strong Cordura material). It goes without saying, but since we’re so hyped on this product, we’re going to say it anyway: The Ultimate Gym Bags could take the beating that you lay on that punching bag at your gym and then some, for about 10,000 solid rounds. But don’t let the outstanding strength confuse you – the bag is comfortably transported, it doesn’t include a zillion little compartments wherein all your belongings will disappear, and it won’t cost you an overzealous price. Basically, The Ultimate Gym Bags are the total package, made from those who seem to prefer death to the compromise of quality.

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