Uncle Goose Stack and Scare 4

USA Made


I’m inclined to talk about how this product will thoroughly entertain all those space-age infants and young children currently browsing the worldwide interwebs, but the truth is that the Uncle Goose Stack and Scare 4 beholds an interest for all folks, young and old alike ($48.00) We’re talking about the purest form of classic toy-making, the hand-crafted and artisan style that is difficult to find in this era of high-technology. This form of production is what Michigan-based Uncle Goose is all about, and it is exactly what you’ll get with the Stack and Scare 4, a fourteen-piece set of carved basswood including different shapes, colors and creature-combos that will have your creative paws working giddily. From grinning, blue-jean-wearing monsters to ogling, long-armed invaders, the Stack and Scare 4 can serve not only as a play piece, but also as a point of décor that touches both haunting and hilarity at once.

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