Urban Farm Seed Collection – Clyde Oak

USA Made


Green thumb or not, you’re probably a fan of veggies and fruits that don’t contain any contaminants (unless, of course, you’re a bean bug with 100 million Burkholderia bacteria swimming around in your belly ready to obliterate insecticides). Anyway, chances are you’d prefer the good and natural stuff, which is why you should feast your eyes upon the Urban Farm Seed Collection from Clyde Oak ($34.00), a collection of up to twenty-five different seeds grown right here in America. That’s right, you’ll get everything from beets to honey dew melons for your garden, and each vegetable or fruit is guaranteed to be non-hybrid, non-genetically modified and open pollinating. And do not fret in the least if you don’t have a vastly open yard for the neighborhood’s grandest garden – the Urban Farm Seed Collection is perfect for raised-bed and small space gardening, which means it will do wonders to that quaint and homey patch of garden that you’ve been dreaming about planting. Now is the time to make it happen, to help the earth help you by imparting a wide variety of all-natural goodies upon your stay-at-home grocery basket. And if there is one thing for you to be confident about, it’s the all-natural part of things – quality control is paramount to the success of Clyde Oak’s vision, which is to provide customers with products that will enhance their appreciation for the importance of the land underfoot, of that naturally giving essence of the American landscape. With the Urban Farm Seed Collection, you’re sure to recognize this fundamental quality of sweet Mama Nature, beginning with the soil in your own backyard.

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