Ursa Major Big Kahuna Skin Care Set

USA Made


Here at We Shop American, we sure do love our birthday suits, and boy should we because they keep us protected in a much-needed au naturel style. That’s why it is time to give back to our skin, and we can all start with the Ursa Major Big Kahuna Skin Care Set from the Vermont-based outfit, Ursa Major. ($104.00) This is the perfect set for any guy who needs a healthy, replenishing way to keep his face clean and whisker-free. The pack comes with Ursa’s Fantastic Face Wash, their Stellar Shaving Cream, the 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic, and the Fortifying Face Cream, all of which are free from the mangy synthetic chemicals found in other conventional face-care products. That’s right, ditch the harsh sulphates and parabens and instead enjoy the caressing touch of premium natural ingredients. With the Big Kahuna Skin Care, the virtues are clear: take care of your skin with the best means out there, and your skin will return the love.


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