Utility Pail – Doug Johnston

USA Made


The bucket world has much improved since the olden days on the beach with the plastic pail and shovel: now spot-on thinking and design has brought us the handsome, easily toted Utility Pail by Doug Johnston. ($168.00) You might be wondering how a 100% cotton cord pail might, well, be a pail at all, but let us assure you of this product’s seamless, impregnable construct, capable of carrying your goods (sand?) without leakage due to high-strength, abrasion-resistant threading throughout. And just like all of those sand castles you tediously engineered way back when, each pail is handmade within the boundaries of the U.S. shoreline with American materials. Inspired by the techniques of knitting and free-form 3D weaving, Johnston has been serving up coiled rope baskets since 2010, focusing on both structure and decoration in order to create a perfect blend of aesthetic and functional appeal. The Utility Pail certainly accomplishes these points of manufacturing focus, all stitched together in a tidy sculpt by vintage zig-zag sewing machines in Johnston’s Brooklyn studios. So, you might not be interested in molding sand into stately manors these days (we are), but worry not, this pail is ready for any part of the carrying world.

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